Enjoying the Holidays After Lock Down!

It has been a crazy year with lock downs, home schooling and the ever-circling threat of mental health difficulties. How can the school holidays go back to what they were before these challenging times? Many children and parents have struggled with the endless string of changes, some happening with very little notice, and relentless bad news. So how do we enjoy time at home with our children after having had them there for such a long time already?

My advice would be to take each moment as it comes! As this past year has proved it has been incredibly hard to plan anything moving forwards with the threat of cancellation hanging over each event as the date creeps up. Meditation, visualisation, self-focus, yoga, hobbies, fitness- all these have been so important to so many I have talked to. They have helped remind us that each moment is precious; the new found happiness in a previously untried hobby, the freshness of coming out of a meditation or visualisation. Once we are fresh and rejuvenated we can find the strength to return to being parents. Be kind to yourselves!